Aspire Breeze 2 Pod


The Aspire Breeze 2 Pod is an excellent accessory that gives you varied options on your e-liquid. With the spare pods, you can carry more juice flavours that you can vape through the day.

Radically changing flavours doesn't have to be a tiresome task, with the extra pods you can switch flavours with ease and enjoy a vape you desire.

The pods come with ready to use 0.6-ohm breeze coil.

The Aspire Breeze 2 Pod gives you a back-up pod for you Aspire Breeze 2 device without the hassle of cleaning the Pod to remove other juice already in the pod.

It gives you the option to change you e-liquid flavours when you please in one single motion.

0.6-ohm coil
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Brand Aspire
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