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Amount to Produce
How much liquid do you want to make?
Amount displayed in mL.
VG/PG Liquid Ratio
This will be the final outcome of your e-liquid mix.
VG : 50
PG : 50
Extra Dilutant
Using extra dilutants can be dangerous. Please proceed with caution.
Amount shown in mL.
Desired Nicotine Strength
This is nicotine strength of the end result.
Strength displayed in mg.
Nicotine Base Strength
Please note: This is the strength of the nicotine being used in the mix, not the end result.
Strength displayed in mg.
Nicotine Base Ratio
Please note: This is the ratio of the nicotine being used in the mix, not the end result.
Vegetable Glycerin ( VG - % )
Propylene Glycol ( PG - % )
Flavour Concentrate
The flavours you would like to add. Flavours displayed as a percentage.
You do not currently have any flavours in your recipe. Want to add some?
My Recipe
Results generated from the calculator.
Please note: These are just guidelines.
mL Drops Percentage
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