10m Kanthal A1 Type Wire

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  • 650 Micron - 22 AWG
  • 500 Micron - 24 AWG
  • 400 Micron - 26 AWG
  • 320 Micron - 28 AWG
  • 250 Micron - 30 AWG

These are soft wires. They are easy to handle and cut. 

These spools are small and are designed to suit every pocket. 

Kanthal A1 wire is well known around the world for its amazing heat resistant properties. Over time kanthal has become the standard name for the chemical content of this wire. Kanthal A1 wire is commonly used is electrical heating elements in high-temperature furnaces for heat treatment, glass products. ceramics and various steels.

In recent times this wire has become the most popular option for use in rebuildable atomisers. 

The spools are approx 10 metres in length & available in 5 different gauges.

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